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Ode to the Comma Queen

Punctuation is all the rage of smart cocktail conversation at the moment, and we LOVE it. From this witty and compelling piece on quitting the use of exclamation points cold turkey (and why women in particular feel compelled to soften their e-communication with the enthusiastic EP), to the brilliant New Yorker musings and subsequent book by Comma Queen and editor Mary Norris (Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen).

And when it comes to grammar, nothing beats quick and dirty –– except perhaps quick and dirty AND grammatically correct. We’re big fans of Grammar Girl and the easy-to-digest soundbites she regularly adds to her smart website, quickanddirtytips.comeverything from who/whom to affect/effect, deep-seated/deep-seeded, words we’ve borrowed from other languages, quotes vs italics, and much more. So join the conversation, dig in, and get dirty.


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