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Pass it On

Ask her to dance. Don’t let mom throw away your Legos. Always be kind to your family — you’ll need each other when things get rough.

Nothing quite compares with the wisdom of life experience. So what better way to pass along that knowledge than with a letter to your younger self?

And since you can’t actually go back in time to share it with your eight, ten, fourteen or twenty-two-year-old self, why not do the next best thing? Share it with someone who can benefit from what you’ve learned.

Write a letter to your younger self –– or to your son or daughter, your niece, nephew, or grandchild. Or if you’re twelve, perhaps write a letter to an incoming sixth grader just starting the school year. And then pass it on. Share it. Give it away. Pearls of wisdom from a life well lived.

What’s needed? Pen, paper, an envelope if you’re sealing it for later, and of course, wisdom.

This inspiring video says it better than we can. Check it out.


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