giraffe hum

The Giraffe Hum

Giraffes hum. Who knew? Turns out nobody –– until recently, that is.

Scientists just discovered the giraffe hum, a mysterious low-frequency sound that giraffes make at night. Are they dreaming? Communicating with one another? Or perhaps snoring? Scientists aren’t sure. What they are sure of is that it only happens at night. This is the first discovery of vocalization by giraffes which scientists/zoologists previously weren’t sure they were capable of, due to their long necks. Of course, more research is still to come.

A few giraffe fast facts: giraffes are the tallest land mammals standing up to 18 feet tall; they live on the savannas of Africa; their feet are the size of dinner plates –– 12 inches across; their diet consists of  mostly acacia leaves; their tongues are 18-20 inches long; their spots are for camouflage; giraffe babies are 6 feet tall at birth (wow). 

We think the hum sounds more like a yoga Om. Check it out in the New Scientist here.  

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