Something Blue

Blue. It conjures up images of sky and sea, sapphires and ice. And then there’s indigo, which is just the right amount of moody and just the right amount of blue.  

A dye made from the flowering Indigofera plant, indigo dates back thousands of years. It was used in the ancient world from India to Egypt, China to South America and beyond, on paper and fabrics including cotton, silk and wool. Once rare and exceedingly expensive, indigo was so prized it was known as blue gold. Moreover, its high value and compact size made this long-lasting dye ideal for trading.

By the 19th century, production of indigo from Indigofera could no longer meet the growing global demand and a synthetic version was developed. Today’s indigo is the product of modern chemistry and is found everywhere. From denim to interiors to the midnight sky, this soulful, inky-hued stunner is timeless.  


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