Skateboarding: The Beginning

Skateboarding started in California in the 1950s, when surfers decided to try surfing the streets –– or as they called it then, sidewalk surfing.

Who actually made the first board is still a bit of a mystery.  It seems that several people came up with a similar idea at about the same time. The first skateboarders used wooden boxes or boards with metal roller skate wheels attached to the bottom. Those boxes soon turned into planks and eventually companies were making decks of pressed layers of wood, much like the skateboard decks of today.

And those unforgiving metal wheels?  They soon turned to clay and then in the 1970s, urethane wheels –– the ultimate smooth ride.

The 1990s brought Tony Hawk and the X Games and  nothing would ever be the same for the simple skateboard again. Skateboarding is now a globally recognized sport ––  fun to watch and even more fun to ride.  Totally, dude.


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