Nature’s Music

On the outskirts of one of Japan’s largest cities, just outside of Kyoto, stands an unusual forest. Tall, densely packed, and supermodel skinny, it’s the Sagano Bamboo Forest.

A bucket list destination, the Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of those must-see places listed in books and travel guides the world over. Tall groves of vertical green with sunlight filtering through, the bamboo forest attracts crowds of tourists each year.

The forest is famous for its beauty, that’s a given. But it’s less well known for its calming soundscape –– music from nature that happens when the wind blows through the bamboo, with the leaves rustling and the tall stalks of wood bending and knocking against each other to create a peaceful, meditative sound like no other. A sound that Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has included in the 100 Soundscapes of Japan, a selection of everyday sounds intended to encourage locals to stop and enjoy nature’s music. 

Appreciating nature’s beauty with both our eyes and ears –– we’re in.


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