Hey, those clouds look like a turtle

When it comes to clouds, we usually call them like we see them. Fluffy clouds. Blanket clouds. Rain clouds. Clouds that look like your pet rabbit. Clouds that look like sailboats.

But if you want to get scientific, and we always do, there are actually ten main types of clouds. They’re categorized by their level in the atmosphere: low clouds called stratus, middle called alto, and high called cirrus. And within those categories, they’re broken down again based on shapes and levels of precipitation (this means how wet they are).

What exactly is a cloud anyway? The simple version is this: a large collection of tiny water droplets or ice. When water from the earth’s lakes or seas, etc. warms it expands and rises, evaporating into water vapor. It will attach itself to some dust and cool. When a billion of these particles gather together they become a cloud.

There are so many types of clouds that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but we particularly love the cumulus ones. These are the cottony-white fluffs found low in the sky (that means they’re in the stratus level) that take the shape of our wildest imagination. Some days we swear we see dinosaurs in the sky. How about you?

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