Giant Rubber Duck

We’re huge fans of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s giant rubber duck. What’s not to like? One look at the yellow inflatable and we can’t help but feel happy. Quite simply, the duck makes us smile.

The giant rubber duck (appropriately called Rubber Duck) is part of a global art installation that has the oversized art jet setting to cities all over the world. This well traveled duck has passport stamps that include Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam among many others. The photo above was taken in Hong Kong, where the duck turned majestic Victoria Harbor into its own personal salt water bath tub.

A few duck facts: it’s more than 54 feet tall and is considered the world’s largest rubber duck; it weighs in at about 11 tons; it’s inflatable and isn’t a fan of strong winds; it’s always in a good mood; and perhaps most importantly –– it’s a great reminder that art doesn’t have to be inside a frame or in a museum, it can be giant and rubber and yellow.

So why a five-story tall bath toy? Why not, we say.

[Photo courtesy of ARR]


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