Elephant Love

We’re mad about elephants. Totally gone. We crazy love them.

What do we love? Everything. Their ears, wispy tails and do-everything trunks. We love watching them on safari, from a distance and especially with a cup of tea. We sit and watch for hours –– as they munch bushes, trees and grass, give themselves dust baths, drink gallons and gallons of water, and the young ones play tag.

A bit about African elephants: they’re the largest living land mammal on Earth and can weigh up to eight tons. They live in family herds led by a smart female called the matriarch; she knows where to find food and water and how to get there –– all from years of experience and wisdom she’s gathered along the way. Their trunk serves as a nose, a hand, a tool for gathering food and water, dusting, digging and more. They have large, thin ears that act as a cooling system in hot weather –– which, when stretched out, are curiously shaped like the African continent.

But most of all, we love the African elephant’s intelligence, compassion and strong family ties. They’re a bit human –– elephant mothers are fiercely protective and elephants grieve loss profoundly. They comfort one another. They feel joy and sorrow. And their survival now depends on us. More on these gorgeous creatures to come. Stay tuned.

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