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What people are saying about us:

“The Curiosity Workshop allows a child to get excited about learning on his/her own terms. It’s thought provoking, fun, engaging, and safe at the same time. Students want to read and explore the world around them. Often, they just don’t know where to find material to read or to find the source of ideas. The Curiosity Workshop is their answer.”

–– Elementary school teacher-of-the-year


“The Curiosity Workshop is a beautifully designed and intelligent site for children (and their adults) to be used to pique interest on a myriad of subjects. The topics seem to draw children out into the world around. As a former elementary school teacher, I would have welcomed this for my students as an exciting addition to classroom tedium.”

–– Bibliophile/gentleman farmer/world traveler


“The Curiosity Workshop is inspiring and has cool, interesting stories. I really recommend it.”

–– Fifth grade soccer fanatic


“As an educator and curator of inquisitive young minds, it is one of my top priorities to cultivate wonder. After all, it’s wonder and curiosity that lead to exploration, inspiration, insight, inventions and solutions. The Curiosity Workshop is a platform for fostering the gift of wonder and exploring possibilities. It is an interactive and intriguing website that provides tidbits of knowledge to celebrate and promote the power of inquisitiveness, social consciousness, and global awareness in young leaders, and inquiring minds of all ages.”

–– Ultra cool kindergarten teacher/yogini


“The Curiosity Workshop hits a home run by inspiring and encouraging children to ask questions –– keeping kids passionate and engaged through learning, all prerequisites for success.”

–– Dad/Air Force pilot


“This brilliant site takes my kids online and then outside. It also helps to encourage the question of why, which our life is very full of at the moment. Why is the sky blue? Why don’t dogs have fingers? Why is cheese so good? My kids have learned to take a curious platform from which to view the world. I want to continue encouraging that.”

–– Pro golfer/dad


“Interesting, engaging and I don’t mind my kids being on the computer when they’re on The Curiosity Workshop!”

–– The most popular mom on the block


“The wealth of topics that The Curiosity Workshop covers is refreshing, out of the ordinary and smart. Great for both kids and adults,  and a site I look forward to sharing –– and discussing –– with my grandchildren.”

–– English major grandmother


“The Curiosity Workshop provides great information that engages my children and stimulates their minds. Children and parents both benefit from the learning provided by this exciting new site –– which also creates an ideal opportunity for interesting  family discussions. We should all be more curious about life!”

–– Mom/marathon runner


“It’s really cool and interesting. I look forward to reading it all the time.”

–– Fourth grader and future president of the United States


“The Curiosity Workshop isn’t just for kids, it has something for everyone. I love reading the short stories aloud and getting my entire family involved. I originally subscribed for my children but find I’m secretly reading them on my own, before sharing them.”

–– Curious and smart mom


“Not only does The Curiosity Workshop make learning fun, but it teaches critical thinking –– which is so intuitive for kids, but almost impossible to teach adults if they don’t already know to ask why.”

— College English professor/mom


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